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Create your own quiz

A brand new way to engage your fans and attract new ones

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Online quizzes represent super-shareable content: make your music go viral!

Come across amazing statistics

Boost your marketing activities, by finding out your most-streamed songs

Musify represents a perfect match for music industry

A tool to create viral music content


Perfect for independent artists who want to boost fan engagement


Manage all artists from a single dashboard and find out where should you spend your marketing budget

Live Events

Engage audience by offering exclusive awards


Create thematic playlists and engage audience both live and on your website


Boost your festival’s awareness in a brand new, funny way

Blog & Fanzine

Embed Musify’s widget into your website and increase readers’ average time spent on your website

A serious game.

Musify is not only a game, but also a digital marketing platform designed to boost your brand awareness: find out in how many ways it can help you.

Unique features to create and grow your fanbase

Musify is not just a game but a digital marketing platform studied to let your grow your brand awareness: discover everything it can do for you.

Grow your fan base

Attract new potential fans with whom you can interact

Create a music quiz

A fast system to create viral quizzes in just a few clicks

Collect emails

Choose to grant access to quizzes only via email and create your fans’ list

Sell your products

Embed your store or use one of our partners


You can customize your games’ language

Track your website users

Find out where do your true fans originate from

Beautiful landing pages

Every quiz is hosted on a customizable landing page

Share everywhere

share quizzes on social media or embed them on your website

Advanced charts

Access daily, weekly or all time charts to award your best fans

Advanced statistics

Find out the most-streamed songs, the percentage of correct answers and much more

Link to social media

Embed your social profiles directly on the quizzes’ pages

Song Lists

Embed links to streaming services to listen to your songs

…and much more.

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Access advanced statistics and send messages to your fans

Most guessed songs

Find out which songs users guess more quickly

Collect emails

Choose to grant access to quizzes only via email and create your fans’ list


Dicono di noi

Get your music in the game!

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